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Cyber Security

We provide cloud-based SOC (Security Operations Center) that covers threat detection, preventing, investigating, and responding to cyber threats. We optimize the current security program by achieving a particular security standard


Sparkwave team provides different authentication types for user and client applications to authenticate with the report server. We enable the right authentication report for your organization to achieve the appropriate level of security.

Research & Development

Our SOC Research & Development team works together with their professional expertise to provide Cyber defense services & solutions. We partner closely with Innovative and latest Security organizations that help customers to develop flexible, core-focused and pro-active defense strategies.

Threat Intelligence

Sparkwave Threat intelligence Analysts provide information gathered from a range of sources about current or potential attacks against an organization. We can provide you guidance on what has happened in your environment and the actionable steps you can take to remediate the threat.

Knowledge Base

Sparkwave team provides a Knowledge Base repository that plays a key role in collaborative threat analysis, automated threat exchange and automated detection response.


Sparkwave team provides a ticketing help desk software program that is used to process, manage, and track customer issues from submission to resolution.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

SIEM is a collection of SaaS tools. We provide real-time incident monitoring and threat detection by using real-time correlation and data log analysis. Also, we provide a centralized solution for automating your security log information.

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